About Us

Sunburst Productions is a Canadian owned and operated company committed to the creation of high-quality programming that achieves world standards of excellence. Headed by Jeff Thiessen - an industry veteran with more than 25 years broadcast and production experience - Sunburst has a proven track record in creating dramatic and documentary television programming with international scope and broad audience appeal. Founded in 1999, the company is based in Manitoba and is experienced at leveraging the talents and capabilities of the Canadian film industry. 

Sunburst has produced a variety of programming including two seasons of the ratings winner Time to Sing, a moving tribute to our great gospel traditions,  two seasons of Lost Tales of the Brothers Grimm, a humorous series based on much-loved classics as well as little-known tales, and Silent Echoes, a documentary series exploring the impact of the Holocaust beyond the survivors to the second and third generations. Currently, the company has several projects in various stages of production, and development. Going forward, Sunburst will continue to focus on the creation of both television programming and theatrical films.

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Also, visit us at our Time to Sing website to view news, pictures and much more.