• Lost Tales of the Brothers Grimm Season 2 (4 Disc DVD Set)

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    Olden-day forests, castles, witches, princesses and heroes come alive in a fresh way in the 26-part high definition general audience series, Lost Tales of the Brothers Grimm. These timeless tales are told from the point of view of Oma - a kindly German grandmother who unfolds a new story for her two captivated grandchildren each episode. 

    Classics such as Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty as well as other exciting tales are brought to life through puppets who like to do things a little differently - like sling shot each other out of castles, eat without utensils, and occasionally burst out into a chorus line of exuberant song and dance! 

    Non-stop action and fun categorize these adventures, but the heroes and heroines never fail to learn a little something along the way. Oma is always able to relate a moral lesson from the stories to enrich her grandchildren's lives. This series provides both high entertainment and unforgettable life lessons.

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